Who is CADmazing Solutions?

In today's complex IC product design environment, cost overruns, delays, and miscalculations resulting in squeezed profits can double the original estimate of a project, and thereby cause financial hardship to a company. IC product introduction projects can also be risky propositions that demand focused personal attention. Databases, tools and technologies are changing so quickly that it has become a monumental task to keep up with the latest product design, while also keeping current on the latest CAD tools available. Decisions must be made timely, and be based on accurate and objective reporting information.

CADmazing Solutions is a technology services company - a team of skilled designers, EDA integrators and project managers specializing in ASIC EDA CAD, with a focus on strategic planning, IC design methodologies, project management, software development and technology implementation. CADmazing Solutions was formed in June 1994, and became incorporated in January 1995, with our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.

CADmazing's consultants offer a broad range of project management oversight services, which include the ability to plan, coordinate, estimate, budget, schedule and monitor projects of all types. We function as the customer's "eyes and ears" throughout the life cycle of the design project, from conception to closeout. Our efforts are directed at coordinating the work flow of the design team, outside contractors and in-house management, to complete the project without gaps in expertise or duplication of efforts. Rather than act as a substitute for top management's own reporting structure, our project management oversight constitutes an independent source of timely, objective information that prudent management will always demand when evaluating a risky IC design project.

When potential customers look for professional assistance, they want to see a proven track record. CADmazing can tap into the areas of specialized expertise every Engineering VP dreams of, but can never justify hiring on a full-time basis. Professionals in numberous technical disciplines - process characterization, library architects, synthesis, HDL simulation, fab interface specialists, CAD software developers - can be brought to a particular project when needed. Our team of technical and management consultants also includes engineers, schedulers and information specialists. When a focused effort is required, CADmazing Solutions can provide the necessary staff.

CADmazing has provided management consulting services for well known organizations such as AMD, Adaptec, Silicon Graphics,Sun Microsystems , Motorola, Cadence, IBM, ICS, Xilinx, Xicor and Fujitsu.

The CADmazing Advantage

CADmazing's Management Consulting Services

CADmazing's management consulting services are the backbone of our business service package. Our strategic management services include:

How We Distinguish Ourselves From Our Competition

CADmazing Solutions strives to work closely with our customers to understand their problems. At CADmazing, we first locate the customer with a problem that needs solving, recommend the best toolset for the project design, then spend time working with the customer to ensure they are successful with the products they have purchased.

Because we don't align ourselves with a particular CAD vendor, we have no loyalty or allegiance toward any toolset except the one that gets the job done. Our business model is focused on customer success throughout many projects, which means ensuring that the customer has the best tools available to work with to enable their workforce to succeed -- long after our management consultants have left the site.

At CADmazing we are "project/task" oriented -- which means that we thoroughly scope out and evaluate the work before we accept the job. We support the customer's core work-force, and we will work with them closely to make the project successful. We are motivated to make a project successful, because to us it means repeat business.

Our best customers are the ones who use us to put processes in place: design flows, cookbooks, libraries, data management, etc. They are leveraging our expert skills with their own core employees to get quality product output. We give our customers training, empowering technologies and procedures. And we finish by communicating everything we've done, so they can then reuse these skills and resources to increase their own productivity in-house. Their projects are completed on-time, employees are better-trained and better-suited to do the next project ... and the customer is successful.

The CADmazing Business Philosophy

As a technology services organization, our singular goal is to provide the most competent consultants and project managers available to complete the customer's assignment.

The list of CADmazing customers with successful projects completed on-time attests to our performance standards.

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