IP Creation & Acceptance

Now that pre-designed or IP blocks make up more of today’s chips, specialized development, delivery, and integration methodologies are required. Whether you are the creator or the user of IP designs, one of your biggest problems will be ensuring cross-model consistency among all the different views. In the absence of a systematic solution, the IP block usually ends up being delivered 2, 3, 4, or 5 times before all the issues are resolved.

This may not sound like a big problem. In fact, it’s usually a series of small problems any competent engineer can fix. The one big unrelenting factor, however, is time. Missing the delivery date to your customer, and to your customer’s customer, creates a crisis, both internally and externally.

CADmazing provides solutions that include IP optimized methodology, technology, and use models that ensure high-quality results for both delivery and deployment of IP blocks.

CADmazing makes it easier for IP vendors or internal design groups who develop IP blocks to deliver these functions to their external or internal design groups:

IP customers who incorporate multiple IP blocks from different vendors can count on CADmazing to integrate these functions into their design methodology:

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