EDA Tools


Our consultants are highly experienced and have an innate understanding of the tools available from leading EDA vendors Cadence, Synopsys, Magma, and Mentor Graphics for use in analog, digital, and mixed-signal design.  We understand EDA-tool limitations.  These problems can usually be overcome with custom scripts, though in some cases a compiled software solution may be required.

A key attribute of our experience is knowing where potholes exist in EDA tools and how to avoid them.  We’ve captured this experience in our design methodology so your team can quickly ramp up and start delivering consistent high-quality results. We look beyond the design flow that tools already provide through their standard interfaces and incorporate a design methodology that cuts a clear path to tape-out.


To help make your design efforts more productive and predictable, our engineers leverage their experience in timing closure, functionality, area, power, and IR drop for a complete RTL-to-GDSII design system.  We capture the best of your expert’s design practices, then take the best of what we have to offer and deploy it as part of your methodology.  This baseline design methodology enables your whole team to collaborate efficiently on design issues, so valuable time is never wasted.

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